Royal Indian Navy (RIN) Revolt (1946)

On 18th February 1946, the ratings of Royal Indian Navy revolted. The cause of the mutiny was unhygienic food, racial discrimination and salary. The arrest of V.C. Dutta, a sailor, who wrote 'Quit India', on INS Talwar, also taken as the reason of mutiny.

The mutineers organized Navy Central Strike committee under the leadership of MS. Khan. The mutiny that began in Bombay soon reached Karachi and Madras. The ratings replaced Union Jack flag with flag of Indian National Congress, Muslim League and Communist party.

The Indian army that was called to suppress the mutiny also refused to raise arm, then British soldiers were called. About 20 Lakh workers of Bombay went on strike in favor of these ratings. When the news of mutiny of ratings of Bombay reached Karachi, INS Hindustan and INS Narmada along with employees of Ship Coastal organization went on strike. On 23rd February 1946, the signal corps of airforce in Jabalpur went on strike.

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel intervened in this violated situation and advised mutineers to surrender. Patel was aware of the repressive measures that was about to be followed. Patel's view was supported by V.C. Dutta, prominent leader of mutineers.

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