Carlyle Circular (22 October 1905)

Thomas Carlyle
When the Indian youth started opposing the western education against partition of Bengal, then the chief secretary of Bengal, Carlyle issued a declaration known as Carlyle circulation, on 22 october 1905.
According to the circular - "If any college violates the government order and the student quits the educational institution then no assistance will be provided by the government to the institute." It was termed the declaration of slavery.
The National College of Bengal was established  on the lines of Tagore's Shantinekatan and its first principal was Aurobindo Ghosh. At this time Bengal Technical College was established and National Education Council was constituted on 15th August 1906.
Indian Society of Oriental Arts was founded in 1906.
According to S.N. Bannerjee "The Swadeshi Movement was not only an economic or political movement but was an omnipresent movement closely associated with our entire national life".
According to Mahatma Gandhi "The real revival of India started with the partition of Bengal".
Acharya P.C. Rai founded "Bengal Chemical Store / Swadeshi Factory"


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