Khera Movement (1918)

The crops in Khera were effected due to bad climate and government was yet proclaiming revenue from the peasants, which forced them to call Gandhi for help and he agreed to help. 'Gujarat Sabha' played an important role in Khera movement, Gandhi was the chairman of 'Gujarat Sabha'.

Gandhi started Khera Satyagrah in 1918  from a place called Nadia. Vallabh Bhai Patel became his follower during this movement.

Ahmedabad Movement (1918)

A conflict emerged between Mill owners and workers over plague bonus. Gandhi was called on the request of British collector to settle this issue. The mill owners declared 20% bonus and warned that those who will not accept this decision will be removed from service. Gandhi asked workers to go on strike and demanded 35% bonus. Ansuiya Ben, sister of Ambalal Sarabhai was also in the movement. 

On 15th march 1918, during Ahmedabad Movement, Gandhi used hunger strike for the first time. The hunger strike had the effect in the mill owners and they agreed to pay 35% bonus.

Champaran Satyagrah (1917)

Gandhi reached Champaran on the request of Rajkumar Shukla to lead Champaran movement. As soon as he reached Champaran, the commission ordered him to return but Gandhi refused and accepted to take any punishment, this step was a surprising one for public.

The Tinkatiya system was prevelant in Champaran, according to which famers had to cultivate Indigo in 3/20 parts of their land.

When Gandhi started a peaceful protest, government allowed him to visit villages. The effort of Gandhi succeded when planters agreed to return 25% of illegal procurement. "Champaran Agriculture Act" was passed by his effort.

During Champaran movement following supported Gandhi and later became his follower: Rajendra Prasad, Mahadev Desai, Brij Kishore, Anugrah Narayan Sinha, Narhari Parikh and JB Kriplani.