Moderate phase of Congress (1885-1905)

Three main leaders of Congress at that time were : Firuz Shah Mehta, Gopal Krishna Gokhale and Surendra Nath Bannerjee.Their demand was fare share within the system not that they wanted to establish any new system separating from British government. Their politics was of class not of mass, but it was for the mass and not in the interest of class.
Not all Britishers were scourge, some intended to give India a good government but they had no intention in doing this with the co operation of Indian people because they were of the view that Indians were not in a situation to understand the concept of modern government.
The Congress quickened the awakening of nationalism on all India basis. Hitherto the feeling of nationalism was decentralized and disintegrated. Other contemporary parties were doing the same work as congress but their area of work was limited. With the establishment of congress other regional parties merged themselves with the congress. Congress took a very conscious step of not raising any social issue because these issues create fiction within the party members.
Ranade established 'National Social Conference' in which member used to discuss social issues.
Moderate congress leaders were the first to start Polito-Constitutional agitation. Congress was making a sort of bridge between Britishers and Indian people to negotiate on the issues.
Demands of Moderate Congress:
(1). Reduction in military expenditure.
(2). Renewal of land revenue system.
(3). Separation of executive from judicial.
(4). To check the drain of wealth.
(5). Increase in civil services age limit.
(6). Abolish Vernacular Press Act and Arms Act.

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